Boat rides on one of the largest estuarine lagoons in south-west Sri Lanka

Nestled along Sri Lanka’s western coastline, the Negombo Lagoon stands as a serene and captivating natural wonder. This expansive estuarine body of water, bordered by lush mangrove forests and picturesque landscapes, offers a unique blend of beauty and biodiversity. Its tranquil waters are a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, as the lagoon is home to a rich variety of avian species.

Negombo Lagoon is arguably one of the largest estuarine lagoons in south-west Sri Lanka, and right next-door to Ramada Katunayake Hotel. You could even call it, our backyard.

The Negombo lagoon linked to the sea by a narrow channel to the north, near Negombo city is also surrounded by extensive mangrove swamps and attracts a wide variety of water birds including cormorants, herons, egrets, gulls, terns and other shorebirds.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Negombo Lagoon transforms into a canvas of mesmerizing colors, painting a tranquil backdrop that perfectly complements the tranquil atmosphere. Whether you’re a nature lover seeking solace, a cultural explorer eager to engage with local life, or a photography enthusiast looking for captivating frames, the Negombo Lagoon promises an enriching experience that lingers in your memories long after your visit.

Exploring the lagoon is an adventure in itself. Guided boat safaris offer a chance to delve into its hidden corners, where you can witness a harmonious coexistence of nature and traditional livelihoods. Glide past vibrant mangroves, catch glimpses of colorful birdlife, and gain insights into the vibrant cultural tapestry that flourishes along the lagoon’s shores.

Negombo Lagoon Safaris/ Boat rides

Ramada by Wyndham Katunayake organises Day Boat rides on the Negombo lagoon, Lagoon Safaris, Day Picnics or just about anything fun that involves water and nature ! Do inquire at our Front Desk or call us at + 94 11 2253646/7 for more details.

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